Overview of Benedictine Manor

Lake Maurus, on the grounds of Sacred Heart Monastery, and at the base of hill below Benedictine Manor




The text and photos below, along with the accompanying web pages in the menu at left, are being maintained for information purposes only.  As of May 2018, the Manor is no longer accepting new residents.












Benedictine Manor is situated on the peaceful grounds of Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama, a small town located on the Cumberland Plateau in the gently rolling Appalachian foothills.  The Alabama countryside provides year-round beauty - from the azaleas and dogwoods of the spring to the holly berries of winter. 

The Manor overlooks a small pond and is surrounded by nature. A friendly community provides companionship when desired, while individual apartments offer privacy and a place to call one’s own. 

Benedictine Manor - resident apartment

The one- and two-room apartments provide comfortable accommodations for adults aged 55 and older. Freed from the responsibility of maintaining a house and yard, residents are able to spend their retirement years pursuing their interests, following their dreams, or simply relaxing in their apartment with a good book.

Home-cooked meals, prepared by Manor staff, are shared in a pleasant dining room. Community activities range from the weekly “game day” to cultural excursions to impromptu gatherings over a cup of coffee. These shared activities help foster the strong sense of camaraderie that characterizes the Manor community.

Benedictine Manor - Residents, Sisters, and Volunteers enjoy game day

The Benedictine Sisters play an active role at the Manor. The position of Director has been held by a Sister since the founding of the ministry, and several Sisters are active as volunteers.  Benedictine Sisters serve alongside dedicated laity on the Manor Board of Directors, providing oversight and direction to the ministry. This committed involvement by the Sisters provides stability and continuity to the Manor.  Benedictine values of hospitality, community, and mutual respect find daily expression amongst both staff and residents.

Infused with the spirit of St. Benedict and rooted in the Gospel witness, the Manor seeks to provide a safe, comfortable, welcoming residence to all who call it “home.”