Dear Friends,

We chose Reflect Renew Rejoice * Continuing the Sacred Tradition as the theme of our capital campaign to highlight the charism that guides the daily lives of the Benedictine Sisters and inspires their ministry with you and all God's people. 

In 1902, the Benedictine Community bought land in Cullman and began Sacred Heart Monastery.  Since that time the Monastery and Retreat Center have grown to what they are today - a group of aging buildings with equally aging plumbing, electrical wiring, and mechanical systems.  The facilities no longer adequately serve the needs of the Sisters or the thousands of people who benefit from the Sisters' ministries.

To address these concerns, the Sisters have sought the expertise of architects, contractors, fundraisers, and other professionals to produce a master plan that addresses the need for fire safety, central heating and air-conditioning, elevators, consolidated living quarters, and energy efficient equipment.  The Sisters' objective is to make their home and Retreat Center safe, comfortable structures that maintain their historical significance and sacred tradition.                        

Through the faith of those who serve, the resources of those who have been blessed, and the vision of those who lead, the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman are indeed Continuing the Sacred Tradition with this bold and exciting challenge for the future.

Only with your commitment will these plans become reality.  We ask you to give generously from your heart to the campaign as the Sisters have given to you from their hearts through their ministries for the past 109 years.



               Sister Janet Marie Flemming, OSB, Prioress


               Anthony (Di) and Pamela DiPiazza, Campaign Co-Chairs






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