A Time to Rejoice and Commit to the Future

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The 1500-year-old Benedictine tradition continues to direct the daily rhythm  of prayer and work at Sacred Heart Monastery.  The richness of the Sisters' devotion and their fidelity to the common life are a prophetic witness to Christian love and service and personify their community philosophy: "We believe that God is here and can be found, and that a diversity of persons bonded into unity shows Christ to a divided world."

Through the faith of those who serve, the resources of those who have been blessed, and the vision of those who lead, the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman are indeed Continuing the Sacred Tradition with this bold and exciting challenge for the future.  We invite you to assist us.

PHase One: $5,175,000

  • Renovate Ottilia Hall
  • Add a new elevator and a new stairway
  • Move the Sisters' infirmary to Ottilia Hall
  • Convert the unused auditorium into Sisters' new dining room and gathering space
  • Add a new kitchen
  • Upgrade all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems
  • Install fire alarms and a sprinkler system
  • Provide an accessible loading dock

Phase Two: $1,825,000

  • Add a new Retreat Center dining room
  • Add five new guest rooms with private baths and update two handicap-accessible guest rooms
  • Add laundry and storage facilities
  • Renovate the current infirmary for meeting rooms and offices
  • Add a covered drop-off entrance
  • Widen the driveway
  • Add a retaining wall
  • Add new parking for Retreat Center
  • Add ramps and sidewalks
  • Demolish Joseph Hall, kitchen, and Sisters' dining facility

Phase Three: $1,400,000

  • Construct two buildings to add 24 bedrooms/baths to Retreat Center
  • Demolish Mary Hall
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