A time to renew our ministry

The Retreat Center ministry, initiated in 1976, is housed in buildings originally designed as college dormitories and classrooms.  The buildings, most of which are contiguous, were built in various decades and are situated on multiple foundations. Outdated and aging structural elements, plumbing, and mechanical systems are in constant need of maintenance and repair.  Narrow stairwells, lack of handicap accessibility, inadequate plumbing, and widely dispersed meeting spaces make improvements imperative. 

Phases II and III of the Master Plan focus on the Retreat Center.  Phase II activities will include:

  • office space, meeting rooms, two handicap-accessible guest rooms for the Retreat Center will be moved into the area that is now used for the Sisters' infirmary
  • a new dining room and five new guest rooms with private baths will be added 
  • a separate, covered entrance to the Center for better visibility and improved access
  • additional parking, including nearby handicap spaces
  • new ramps and sidewalks, and a widened driveway will make the Retreat Center a more attractive facility for retreat and workshop participants. 

In the third and final phase of the project, two new structures containing 24 guest rooms will be built for those attending workshops and retreats.  Each room will have a private bath, an amenity most requested by retreatants in written surveys.  These buildings will be easily accessible to the new dining, kitchen and meeting facilities in the Retreat Center. 

Phases II and III also include plans for the demolition of Joseph Hall, the current kitchen, the Sisters' current dining facility, and Mary Hall.  Architectural studies have clearly shown that these structures cannot be reasonably or appropriately renovated.

Although the ministry has thrived despite outdated and inadequate facilities, these significant facility improvements will allow the Retreat Center to continue to serve the People of God and welcome the stranger as Christ for many years to come.


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