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August 2015




Benedictine Update, Summer 2015 edition, is published

August 24, 2015


The Summer 2015 edition of Benedictine Update has been published and placed in the mail to our friends. We welcome you to peruse a pdf copy on-line by clicking on the image at right. 


Among the highlights of the issue:


  • The election & installation of Sister Tonette Sperando as Prioress - page 1
  • The successful completion of our Capital Campaign - pages 1 & 5
  • New minisry assignments - pages 2 & 6
  • Sister Minona Anne's 1st Monastic Profession - page 2
  • And much more!


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Celebrating with our Diocese and with our Sisters in Religious Life

August 21, 2015


Six Benedictine Sisters, led by Sister Tonette Sperando, Prioress, traveled south this week to celebrate the beginning of the ministry of the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit in the small Greene County town of Eutaw, Alabama.  The Missionary Guadalupanas are continuing the ministry begun in Eutaw 43 years ago by the Consolata Sisters. 


The Guadalupanas have been ministering in our Diocese for several years, and we have enjoyed getting to know these dedicated Sisters.  It was wonderful to share this special day with them and to be with Bishop Robert Baker and other priests of the diocese during the celebratory Mass and Open House. 


Pictures from the event, including a picture of Bishop Baker with all the Sisters in attendance - Guadalupana, Benedictine, and others - can be found on the diocesan Facebook page.





Sister Sara Aiden makes Perpetual Monastic Profession

August 2, 2015


A seven-year journey through Initial Monastic Formation came to a beautiful and meaningful conclusion on Saturday, August 1, as Sister Sara Aiden Burress made her Perpetual Monastic Profession during a special Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel.  By her Perpetual Profession, also known as "Final Vows," Sister Sara Aiden made a lifetime commitment to living the Rule of St. Benedict within this monastic community.

Sister Sara Aiden's monastic journey actually began much earlier than seven years ago. For a number of years she visited regularly as a retreatant, and in 1999 became an Oblate of Sacred Heart Monastery. Sister Sara Aiden also spent a year serving as a volunteer with the monastic community.  In 2008, Sister entered the community as a Postulant, beginning the seven-year journey that culminated in her perpetual commitment to the Benedictine way of life with the Sacred Heart community.


Sister Sara Aiden currently serves as Director of Pastoral Care at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Birmingham, a position she has held since 2012.


Below are several photographs from the Profession Mass.






The profession ring, a sign of Sister Sara Aiden's commitment, rests on the altar before the Mass begins. 



















The Entrance Procession, led by cross-bearer Sister Michelle Renee St. Marie.
















Sister Sara Aiden (in the foreground) bows as she approaches the altar.  At right is Sister Mary McGehee, who served as Sister Sara's formation director during her years as a Scholastic. Immediately following in the procession is Sister Tonette Sperando, Prioress, and then the Book of the Gospels, carried by Sister Karen Ann Lortscher.














The opening hymn is sung. In front of Sister Sara Aiden is her profession candle and her handwritten profession document.














Rev. Marcus Voss, OSB, monk of St. Bernard Abbey and Presider during the Eucharistic Liturgy, incenses the altar, giving special attention to the profession ring as he passes the thurible over the altar. 

















Sister Karen Ann Lortscher proclaims the first reading.


















Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie, cantor, leads the Responsorial Psalm.



















Sister Madeline Contorno proclaims the second reading.





















Rev. Robert Sullivan, Homilist, processes with the Book of the Gospels.  Fr. Sullivan is pastor of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Birmingham, the parish in which Sister Sara Aiden serves as Director of Pastoral Care.
















The Rite of Monastic Profession followed the homily.  To begin the Rite, Sister Tonette Sperando, Prioress, called Sister Sara Aiden forth from her place in the monastic choir with the question "Sister Sara Aiden, what do you seek?". 













Sister Mary McGehee, Scholastic Director, lights a taper from the Paschal Candle with which she will light Sister Sara Aiden's profession candle.  This candle is a sign of Sister Sara Aiden's renewal of her baptismal commitment to Jesus Christ.







Sister Tonette instructs Sister Sara Aiden and poses to her a series of questions by which she affirms her desire and commitment to seek God though the monastic way of life. Sister Tonette's final question is to the community, who affirm their willingness to support Sister Sara Aiden in her search for God.  Standing as official witnesses are Sister Magdalena Craig, Director of Initial Formation (far left), and Sister Mary McGehee.  Sister Sara Aiden holds her lighted candle as she listens and responds.







Sister Sara Aiden reads aloud her handwritten profession document...


















...and then signs it on the altar.




















Sister Tonette signs the document as Prioress, and Sisters Magdalena and Mary sign as official witnesses.















Sister Sara Aiden sings the

Sucipe, the traditional monastic chant that is thrice repeated by the monastic at the time of perpetual profession.  This ancient text is an expression of self-giving and trust.
















Sister Sara Aiden prostrates and is covered by a funeral pall representing her death to self and her rising to new life in Christ.  While Sister Sara Aiden was beneath the pall, the community chanted the Litany of the Saints, calling upon all the saints in heaven to help Sister Sara Aiden give her life totally to Christ. Following a lengthy Prayer of Consecration recited by Sister Tonette, the pall was removed and Sister Sara Aiden was invited to rise to new life in Christ. 
















Sister Tonette prayed over the ring before placing it on Sister Sara Aiden's finger as a sign of her perpetual profession.





















The perpetually professed members of the monastic community process to offer Sister Sara Aiden the sign of peace.


















Following the Rite of Monastic Profession and the Prayer of the Faithful, the Eucheristic gifts were presented by Oblates of Sacred Heart Monastery, William Busic and Julie McMillan.














Family and friends of Sister Sara Aiden were present for the occasion.
















Both the solemnity and the joy of the Eucharistic celebration was expressed in the music.



































Following Mass, the community offered Sister Sara Aiden our traditional greeting in the 2nd Ottilia hallway.  The community then gathered with guests for a festive and celebratory luncheon. 


July 2015



Sisters gather for annual July meetings

July 31, 2015


This past week, the monastic community gathered for their annual summer meetings.  These gatherings allow the Sisters an opportunity to hear updates on various aspects of their common life and to discuss topics pertinent to life and growth in monastic community.  Below are a few photographs from this past week.






The week involved studied concentration...














 well as lighthearted moments....


















...and the opportunity to visit with one another.
















The Sisters listen attentively to a Powerpoint presentation.
















The meetings concluded with our annual commissioning service in which the Sisters are commissioned into their ministries for the year.  In this photo, Sister Tonette Sperando, Prioress, exhorts the community during the service.
















The Sisters lift their hands in blessing over Sister Tonette.  In the background, visible through the windows at left, is Mary Guest House, one of the community's many accomplishments of the past few years. 

















This bronze statue of Saint Scholastica held a central place during the meetings.  During the commissioning service, each Sister received a clay plaque, hand-crafted by Sister Mary Adrian McLean, based on this image. 


National Benedictine meetings draw participants from

Sacred Heart

July 22, 2015


Summer is traditionally a season for Benedicine gatherings of many sorts and three Sisters from Cullman have recently traveled to attend such meetings. Sister Priscilla Cohen returned last week from Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas where she attended the biennial meeting of the North American Association of Benedictine Oblate Directors.  Sister Priscilla serves as Executive Secretary of the organization and is Oblate Director for Sacred Heart Monastery. 


Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie spent the past week at St. Scholastica Monastery in Duluth, MN, where she attended the Chapter meeting of the Federation of St. Benedict.  Sr. Lynn Marie was present as an observer in her role as President of the Federation of St. Scholastica.


Sister Karen Ann Lortscher, Development Director for the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman, is currently in Schuyler, NE, attending the Benedictine Development Symposium which is being held at the at St. Benedict Center in Schuyler.  In addition to hearing presentations from nationally-known speakers, she will be able to meet and learn with Development Directors from other Benedictine communities. 





Vocation Team members depart for Steubenville Atlanta Youth Conference

July 10, 2015


Sisters Karen Ann Lortscher and Michelle Renee St. Marie departed for Atlanta this morning where they will attend the Steubenville Atlanta Youth Conference.  The event, jointly sponsored by LifeTeen and Franciscan University of Steubenville, is expected to have well over over 2000 youth in attendance.


Vocation Team members as well as other Benedictine Sisters have represented the community at several previous Stubenville Atlanta gatherings and the conference is becoming a fixture on the Vocation Team's calendar.  During the event, Sisters Karen Ann and Michelle will attend conferences and liturgies.  However, based on their experience in previous years, the most important aspect of their presence at the conference will be the one-on-one conversations they will have with the many youth who stop by the Benedictine Sisters' booth.  Many youth ask for prayer, and over the past year numerous Benedictine Sisters have served as prayer partners for some of the attendees from last year's Steubenville Atlanta Conference. 




In the photo above, Sister Karen Ann (left), Director of Vocation Ministry, and Sister Michelle Renee prepare to load the car with materials for their display booth.  Below, Sister Michelle loads the large display board into the car and Sister Karen Ann secures it into place.





























Photographs from the monastery and quotes from the Rule of St. Benedict will help the Sisters describe life in monastic community.













For information about upcoming vocation events here at the monastery, please click the Wake up the World logo at right.










The Sisters celebrate a rainy but festive Independence Day

July 4, 2015



The rainy weather outside did not dampen spirits inside as the Sisters followed a special Independence Day Mass with a festive brunch prepared by Sister Kathleen, assisted by Sister Michelle and several other Sister helpers. 


Patriotic decor and special prayers for our country augmented the culinary feast.



































Sister Kathleen poses with some of her delicious creations. 








June 2015



Four Sisters celebrate 60th Jubilee

June 13, 2015


On Friday, June 12, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sister Treva Heinberg, Sister Regina Barrett, Sister Margaret Frederick, and Sister Jane Bishop celebrated the 60th anniversary of their monastic profession during a Jubilee Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel.  The Mass also marked the conclusion of the Monastic Community's annual retreat.  Below are pictures from the Jubilee celebration.











The Sisters sing the Gloria at the beginning of Mass.   In the two front pews are the four Jubilarians with thier Jubilee candles, from left to right, Sisters Margaret Frederick, Regina Barrett, Treva Heinberg, and Jane Bishop.










At right, Sister Treva reads the first reading.




Below, the Jubilarians read their renewal of vows as Sister Tonette Sperando, Prioress, presides.






































Sister Jane, as did each Jubilarian, signs upon the altar the document renewing her monastic profession.
























Sisters Margaret and Regina present the gifts.



















Below, the happy Jubilarians. 











Sister Tonette Sperando, O.S.B., installed as tenth Prioress of Sacred Heart Monastery

June 8, 2015


During a festive Eucharistic Celebration on Saturday, June 6, 2015, Sister Tonette Sperando was installed as the tenth Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama.  Sister Tonette succeeds Sister Janet Marie Flemming whose term of office concluded on June 6. 


Sisters, Oblates, clergy and religious, family and friends, were present for the joyous occasion. The liturgy and the luncheon that followed were marked by gladness and joy as the community looks eagerly toward living their sacred tradition in a future filled with hope and vitality.


Below are pictures from the day along with brief descriptions of the joyous event. 










Prior to the Installation Mass, Bishop Robert Baker of the Diocese of Birmingham paid a visit to show his support and offer a blessing.  Here he prays with outgoing Prioress Sister Janet Marie (left) and incoming Prioress Sister Tonette.





















Bishop Baker presented Sister Tonette with several gifts.






















Family and friends await the beginning of Mass.




















The entrance procession, led by cross bearer Mr. Michael Sperando, brother of Sister Tonette.


















Sisters process into chapel.




















The opening hymn is sung.














































A full chapel  heightened the celebratory atmosphere. 

















The community was honored to have Bishop Emeritus David Foley present for the Eucharistic Celebration. 





















Family members and concelebrating clergy filled the front pews.

















Abbot Cletus Meagher served as Principal Celebrant.  Rev. Kevin Bazzel (right), pastor of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, Sister Tonette's home parish, served as concelebrant and homilist. 
















Sister Bernadette Sachs read the first reading from Isaiah 42.  In the foreground is a small table holding Sister Tonette's baptismal candle.  Its presence was important to her as a sign that her monastic committment is an extension of and flows from her baptismal commitment. Sharing the table is a statue of St. Scholastica, Patroness of Benedictine women throughout the world.





















Procession with the Book of the Gospels.



















Following the Liturgy of the Word, Sister Janet Marie called forth Sister Tonette from amongst the Monastic Community and bid the Community rise for the Rite of Installation.  The Rite was marked by a call and dialogue, first between the outgoing and incoming Prioresses, and then between Sister Tonette and the Community.















As signs of the transfer of authority, Sister Janet Marie presented to Sister Tonette a Bible, a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict, and a copy of Call to Life, the Constitution of the Federation of St. Scholastica.


















Sister Tonette receives the Rule of St. Benedict from Sister Janet Marie as the Monastic Community looks on.  Along with Sacred Scripture and the Constitution of the Federation of St. Scholastica, the Holy Rule will be Sister Tonette's guide as she leads the Community in following the monastic way of life. 














The Sisters lift their hands in prayer and blessing over their new Prioress as they recite:

"Sister Tonette, as we are instructed by the Rule of St. Benedict, we promise to love you sincerely, support you in your responsibilities, and obey you as we discern together what the Spirit is saying to our community.  May the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be with you and enable you to lay down your life in service with Christ Jesus in his Paschal Mystery."







Following her Installation, Sister Tonette called forth her Monastic Leadership Team who will serve with her: Sister Treva Heinberg, Sub-Prioress; Sister Sherrie Brainard, Treasurer; and Sister Priscilla Cohen, Secretary.   Sister Tonette and the Monastic Community lifted their hands in blessing, reciting words of prayerful support for these Sisters as they assume their leadership roles.
















Sister Tonette presented a Benedictine cross and medal to each member of the Monastic Leadership Team.
























The Rite of Installation concluded with each Sister approaching Sister Tonette to extend the Sign of Peace.  The Oblates, too, came forward to offer a gesture of support. 






























The Rite of Installation was followed by the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  The gifts were presented by C.D. and Gina Lackey, sister and brother-in-law of Sister Tonette.


























Following the liturgy, Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie, President of the Federation of St. Scholastica, offered a reflection. (Link here to read her reflection.) 




























Sister Tonette also offered remarks at the conclusion of Mass. (Link here to read her remarks.) 





















After Mass: the traditional celebratory greeting by the Monastic Community in the 2nd Ottilia hallway as the Sisters welcome their new Prioress. 
















Sisters and guests capped the joyous event with a festive buffet in the Retreat Center and Sisters' dining rooms. 







































Sister Tonette Sperando, O.S.B., the tenth Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama.




may 2015

Sister Janet Marie thanked for her 10 years of service as  Prioress and given a special blessing for her new ministry

May 31, 2015


The monastic community gathered in the monastery dining room for a special cookout supper honoring Sister Janet Marie Flemming for her ten years of service as prioress. Gifts of gratitude were given to Sister Janet Marie along with a basket of cards written by each Sister of the community. The evening concluded with  blessing ceremony for Sister Janet as she enters her new ministry at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Birmingham, AL.Sister Janet Marie receives gifts of gratitude







Community offers blessing


APRIL 2015


Community elects new Prioress

April 25, 2015


The Benedictine Sisters of Cullman, Alabama joyfully announce the election of Sister Tonette Sperando, O.S.B. as their new Prioress.  Her six-year term of office will begin on Saturday, June 6, 2015. 


Sister Tonette was elected following a period of discernment by the monastic community during which they sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to whom God was calling to lead the community at this particular time.  The discernment process was facilitated by Sister Mary Catherine Wenstrup, O.S.B., Prioress of St. Walburg Monastery in Covington, KY.  Presiding over the election was Sister Susan Quaintence, O.S.B., First Councilor of the Federation of St. Scholastica, the Federation of Benedictine Sisters to which the Sacred Heart community belongs.

Please rejoice with us over the election of Sister Tonette as our new Prioress!









After the election...


From left to right: Sister Mary Catherine Wenstrup, O.S.B., Election Facilitator; Sister Susan Quaintance, O.S.B., Election Presider; Sister Tonette Sperando, O.S.B., Prioress-Elect; and Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie, O.S.B., President of the Federation of St. Scholastica.












Sister Tonette with current Prioress Sister Janet Marie Flemming, O.S.B., whose term of office will come to a close on June 6, 2015.















The Election Committee coordinated the details of preparation for the discernment and election.


(left to right): Sister Priscilla Cohen, O.S.B.; Sister Bernadette Sachs, O.S.B. (Chair); and Sister Karen Ann Lortscher, O.S.B.











Posing with Susan Quaintance, O.S.B., the Election Presider, are Sister Priscilla Cohen, O.S.B., Secretary of the Election (second from right), and the Election Tellers, Sister Sherrie Brainard, O.S.B. (left), and Sister Therese Haydel, O.S.B. (right).





Phase III Blessing and Open House deemed a success

April 19, 2015


On Saturday, April 18, 2015, the monastic community gathered with Bishop Robert Baker, bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham, family, friends, Oblates, employees, and benefactors to bless the buildings and areas that were completed during Phase III of the renovation. These areas included: "Subiaco," the private retreatant area that had not been included in the previous blessing at the end of Phases I and II; Mary and St. Joseph Guest Houses; and the Arts and Crafts Studio located in the back section of the old chicken barn.  The blessing ceremony was followed by an Open House for the public and refreshments in the Retreat Center Dining Room.

Sisters Elisabeth and Michelle welcome fellow religous to the blessing ceremony



Sister Sara Aiden, Julia Heard, and Sister Minona Anne (l to r)










Sisters welcome other religious of the diocese, Oblates, friends, and family to the blessing ceremony, which took place in the Retreat Center Dining Area.


Guests arriving for the blessing ceremony

Sisters and guests gather in Retreat Center Dining Room













Bishop Baker greets assembled guests


Sister Tonette happily greets guests











Bishop Baker addresses the assembly



Sister Janet Marie begins the blessing ceremony with a welcome














Above: Bishop Baker addresses the assembly

At right: Sister Janet Marie, Prioress, welcomes guests to the celebration

Below: Sister Madeline reads text from Paul's Letter to the Ephesians


Sister Madeline reads Scripture text


Sisters and guests gathered together















Bishop Baker blesses private retreatant bedroom with holy water

Bishop Baker heads to Mary Guest House for sprinkling of holy water in each room















At left: Bishop Baker blesses private retreatant bedroom

Above: Bishop baker and guests proceed to Mary Guest House with holy water to bless all guest areas

Below: Interior of Mary Guest House





More photos of the blessing and Open House may be seen on the Monastic Moments webpage.

March 2015


Equine therapy program hosted on monastery property featured in local newspaper article

March 31, 2015


The enthusiasm of the director of H.O.P.E., a therapeputic horseback riding program that is being housed on a portion of monstery property, overflows in an article published in a local newspaper (link here).   The article profiles the project and their recent move to a section of monastery property located just down Convent Rd. from the main monastery building. The Sisters share the director's enthusiasm and are so blessed to be able to serve as host for this important endeavor which has drawn support from civic and religious groups throughout the Cullman area.


Our own community news story (scroll below to February 24 entry) contains additional photos of the site, the horses, and the new barn.


February 2015


Beautiful snow blankets North Alabama

February 27, 2015


View of snow on Ottilia handicap ramp railing and treesThe entire North Alabama region was blanketed with snow last Wednesday afternoon and evening. Around eight to nine inches of snow fell in the Cullman area, making the monastery grounds look like a winter wonderland. Several of the Sisters ventured out as the snow was coming down while others waited until Thursday morning. Monastery photographers eagerly captured various images of the whitened landscape. A small contingent of Sisters gathered in the backyard to start the building snow figures--a sculpted snow angel and a more traditional snowman, "Fred the Alabama Snowfan." After lunch a third snow figure was added to the scene. For lunch and supper the Sisters enjoyed "snow cream" for dessert--fresh snow flavored with vanilla and sugar. More photos in Monastic Moments.Sister Karen Ann exploring the snow as it continues to fall








East facade of Ottilia Hall

 View from back of Ottilia Hall (above)



    Sister Karen Ann explores the snowscape (right)







East facade of Ottilia Hall (left)







View from Retreat Center Dining Room porch

 Area behind Annunciata Hall and the Guest Houses (below)














West facade of Ottilia Hall









Crepe myrtle at Sunken Garden (above)


                               West facade of Ottilia Hall (right)



Sister Michelle and Fred the Alabama Snow Fan

Sisters Michelle, Karen Ann, Tonette, Marie, and Adrian (below- l to r)

                     Sister Michelle with "Fred the Alabama Snowfan" (right)


H.O.P.E. horses move into their new home

February 24, 2015


The five horses that are part of Cullman's new therapy riding program have moved from their temporary home in the county to their newly completed barn on the property of the Benedictine Sisters at 1301 Convent Rd NE. Staff and volunteers gradually introduced the horses to their new facilities, including the riding ring, grooming area, and stalls.  Once the horses have acclimated to their new environment, the next session will begin.  For more information about HOPE, program participation, and support, visit their website at:

Loula is the first to enter the ring

Loula and Montana arrive for their first visit to the riding ring













Loula (at right) and Montana are the first horses led into the riding ring


Montana sniffs around the equipment






Montana, the newest horse that is still being evaluated, eagerly check out all of the equipment. (left)






Loula checks out her reflection in the glass window





Loula is not so sure about seeing her reflection in the window. (right). Sam is the next to arrive (below), followed by Can Can and WiserSam, Can Can and Wiser arrive at the riding ring.
















Sam (left below) and Can Can (right below) are the first to check out the fresh sand with a playful roll.

Sam rolls in the sand


Can Can rolls in the sand













Sam checks out the new digs

Loula looks through the window
















Sam (above) and Loula (right) check out the inside of the barn.


Other spaces of the new barn include a tack room, an indoor viewing and waiting area, an outdoor viewing area, an office, a grooming area, and several stalls. Outdoor activities are being set up as well.


tack room



indoor viewing and waiting area






Outdoor activities being constructed












Sister Mary Leo Arnold, O.S.B., passes into eternal life

February 6, 2015



The monastic community, along with thousands of former students, mourn the passing of Sister Mary Leo Arnold, O.S.B., who died early in the morning of Thursday, February 5. The Sisters, led by Sr. Janet Marie Flemming, Prioress, gathered at Sr. Mary Leo's bedside to pray for the repose of her soul. 


A gifted and memorable teacher, Sister touched the lives of countless students during her decades in education. A link to her obituary can be found here.  The Mass of Christian Burial will be held in Sacred Heart Monastery Chapel at 3:00 PM on Monday, February 9.  


Many former students have inquired about memorial contributions.  These can be made to the Benedictine Sisters Capital Campaign. A link to a contribution form may be found here












Winter Benedictine Update is published

December 20, 2014


The Winter 2014 issue of Benedictine Update has been published and was placed in the mail yesterday.  If you are among those who receive our various letters and newsletters, you should be receiving your Update soon.   A pdf copy can be viewed online by clicking here or on the cover image at right.


Among the of Sister Cecilia's Jubilee celebration, Sister Lynn Marie's travels as President of the Federation of St. Scholastica, visits from international Sisters, the final months of the Capital Campaign, a construction update, a report on the Oblate weekend, and more...


If you would like to receive our correspondence by mail, please contact us at (256) 615-6071 or development [at] and let us know your name and contact information.  We would love to hear from you! 




Preparing the way...

December 19, 2014


In liturgy, prayer, and spiritual reading, the community is deep into Advent.  And yet preparations for Christmas abound - from decorating the monastery to rehearsing Christmas music to receiving visits from holiday guests.  Here are a few pictures from the monastery this week.








This past Sunday, the Sisters gathered to decorate the Christmas tree in the community dining room in preparation for our Employee Christmas Party on Tuesday and other visitors later in the week.
















Prior to decorating, we enjoyed visiting with one another over a simple Sunday supper of sandwiches and chips.













The Sisters have greatly enjoyed the presence of Sister Juve, a Guadalupana Sister who is staying with us for a while.



















Sister Mary Adrian prepares a crib set in the dining room.  Numerous other crib sets are spread throughout the monastery.





















The community gathers with monastery employees for a festive holiday meal.


















The schola (monastic choir) begins rehearsing for Christmas liturgies.












You are invited to join us for our Christmas liturgies.  The schedule may be found here.